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Yale ITS, August 4, 2014
Twenty-six Yale College students and four graduate students presented their innovative final projects at the YEI Tech Bootcamp showcase held on Friday, July 25, in Rudolph Hall...

Yale ITS, July 28, 2014
On Saturday, July 12, the TEAL classroom at 17 Hillhouse Avenue hosted the NewHaven++ Hackathon, what might be the first hackathon ever held inside a Yale building...

YaleNews, June 24, 2014
“Technology doesn’t drive innovation – people drive innovation,” said Lori Goler ’91, vice president of human resources at Facebook, at the first Yale Entrepreneurs and Investors Conference in San Francisco on May 9. ..

Yale School of Management, April 17, 2014
The Yale School of Management (SOM) announced today the formal launch of its Entrepreneurship Program and the appointment of Kyle Jensen, PhD, as the inaugural Shanna and Eric Bass ’05 Director of Entrepreneurial Programs and lecturer in entrepreneurship...

Yale School of Public Health, March 10, 2014
What does it take to create a successful health care venture, something that changes peoples’ lives around the world by improving their well being?..

New Haven Register, March 3, 2014
Social entrepreneurs from Yale Univeristy are changing the nature of public health, from creating replacement arteries to training the global health leaders of tomorrow...

Yale Daily News, February 25, 2014
Like many recent graduates, Zach Rotholz ’11, Max Sutter ’11 and Michael Mossoba SOM ’12 decided to become roommates after college. ..

Yale Herald, November 1, 2013
The old Winchester Repeating Arms factory sits just a block away from the Yale Divinity Quadrangle. ..

Yale Center for Clinical Investigation Newsletter, November 1, 2013
YCCI has been collaborating with Yale’s Office of Cooperative Research (OCR) to accelerate the translation of research discoveries from the laboratory to patients. ..

Yale Daily News, October 22, 2013
Just over a week after University President Peter Salovey emphasized the importance of student contributions to Yale and New Haven’s “idea economy” in his inaugural address, developers in nearby Science Park are looking create a more “liveable” environment for Yale and New Haven innovators...

Yale Daily News, September 18, 2013
Last week, the University received a $2.5-million fund from capital support group Connecticut Innovations, spelling good news for students hoping to jumpstart their own business ventures on campus...

Hartford Business Journal, September 11, 2013
The state's venture capital arm and Yale University in New Haven said they've launched a $2.5 million fund to support promising ventures emerging from the college's entrepreneurship program...

Hartford Courant, September 10, 2013
Yale students and recent students have launched many companies in recent years, from potential game-changers such as forest-monitoring software developer SilviaTerra and Higher One, the financial services firm for college students, to the distinctly urban cardboard furniture maker, Chairigami...

YaleNews, September 10, 2013
The most promising student ventures at Yale will receive a big boost thanks to the new $2.5 million YEI Innovation Fund, created by the University in partnership with Connecticut Innovations (CI)...

Yale Daily News, September 9, 2013
The Yale Entrepreneurial Institute is weeks away from launching a new advising system that will benefit students involved in its Venture Creation program...

YaleNews, September 4, 2013
The Yale Entrepreneurial Institute (YEI) will showcase its resources for launching or supporting a startup at an event on Tuesday, Sept. 10, 6:30-8:30 p.m...

Yale Alumni Magazine, August 2, 2013
Casper Daugaard ’13 stood in front of an audience of potential investors, pitching his startup, Spylight. ..

YaleNews, July 31, 2013
As a student at the Yale School of Art, Eric Nylund has been involved in numerous interactive design projects in his classes, but until recently, he had little opportunity to do any computer programming...

YaleNews, July 26, 2013
The Yale Entrepreneurial Institute’s (YEI) 2013 Demo Day on July 24 — broadcast live from Kroon Hall for the first time — showcased student ventures that were in many cases already several steps up the startup success ladder. ..

YaleNews, June 10, 2013
Student entrepreneurs selected as Summer Fellows at the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute gathered in the Maurice R. Greenberg Conference Center June 5 to present their ideas to a gathering of investors, mentors and university representatives...

The Boston Globe, June 7, 2013
A newly minted PhD in the hot field of data analytics, Adam Marcus could have walked away from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with his pick of lucrative jobs from any of the computing titans, from Google Inc. to Microsoft Corp. ..

The Yale Undergraduate Journal of Politics, April 27, 2013
Startups at Yale and startups in New Haven: two distinct communities that are slowly but surely starting to bridge their differences. ..

Yale Daily News, April 25, 2013
The Yale Entrepreneurial Institute is piloting a program this summer to teach roughly 15 students how to build the next Reddit in exchange for over 400 hours of their time. ..

Cure News, March 27, 2013
For more than six years the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute (YEI) has helped Yale students develop entrepreneurial skills by launching businesses...

Yale Daily News, February 28, 2013
Six years after the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute was created, two business projects that began as part of the institute’s summer fellowship program have recently been sold to large companies — an achievement YEI staff said is symbolic of the institute’s upward trajectory. ..

Huffington Post, February 15, 2013
There's no shortage of students at Yale University who want to start a business. ..

Yale Herald, September 21, 2012
These are the hallmark traits of the startup culture—a culture that is now taking root in both Yale and New Haven...

Yale Daily News, September 21, 2012
Yale’s start-up incubation practices are both thriving and evolving their investment strategies. ..

Yahoo! Small Business Advisor, August 27, 2012
For undergraduate students with a yen for starting their own business, a Yale Entrepreneurial Institute summer fellowship can be a true career igniter...

Hartford Courant, August 13, 2012
Ventures succeeding at Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, are scalable, profitable and can exist in New Haven...

Forbes, August 1, 2012
Mining its database of 161 million members*, LinkedIn identified alumni of these schools as founders of the most companies with 10 or more employees. ..

YaleNews, July 27, 2012
Entrepreneurs from 10 new companies spawned at Yale made pitches to investors and business mentors July 26, and two split a new $50,000 prize awarded by the University. ..

Hartford Courant, July 27, 2012
Yale University rolled out its version of "America's Got Talent," Thursday night as 10 teams of Yale students pitched their business ideas to a panel of investors and business executives in hopes of receiving a $50,000 investment to jump start their venture...

Yale Herald, February 17, 2012
Every year, however, a few daring graduates decide to stay and—whether they realize it or not—become real citizens of New Haven...

Yale Daily News, January 30, 2012
Last Friday, the senior male a cappella group the Yale Whiffenpoofs left campus for their winter tour. ..

Hartford Courant, November 27, 2011
At first, he was just a Yale undergrad with an idea for the next big sports drink, but then Bob Casey switched gears and struck gold in old cell phones...

Xconomy, October 10, 2011
At a university best known for turning out captains of industry and Wall Street hedge fund magnates, Yale is now focusing more attention on nurturing its entrepreneurs...

Yale Daily Bulletin, October 4, 2011
Companies founded by Yale students or faculty members won four of the eight Innovation Pipeline Awards presented by the Connecticut Technology Council this year...

Yale Daily Bulletin, September 1, 2011
Like the many of the 47 new companies it has helped create since 2007, the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute (YEI) has outgrown the adjective "start-up."...

CT Innovations Blog, August 3, 2011
On Thursday, July 28, the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute (YEI) held the final pitch session for the 2011 Summer Fellowship program...

Yale University, May 22, 2011
Let me elaborate on the congratulations that we all just offered you with our warm and heartfelt applause...

MSNBC, September 26, 2010
You can find educational initiatives for entrepreneurs across the country. ..

New Haven Independent, August 6, 2010
“There is a real role for government to be a catalyst”, said U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro of New Haven Thursday at a small Connecticut technology firm... and Boston Globe Online, July 5, 2010
Starbucks began providing free Internet in its stores last week. To me, this means that Howard Schultz has just provided 11,000 free offices for start-ups...

Yale Alumni Magazine, January 20, 2010
Before he came to Yale, Arun Gupta ’11 was an avid tennis player...