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YEI Fellowship Teams

The YEI Fellowship is Yale’s premier program for launching new ventures—a 10-week intensive summer bootcamp that includes $15,000, mentorship, lean startup education, pitching experience and more. Approximately 10 teams are chosen each year in a highly competitive process. 


  • Arix Technologies

    By integrating robotics with advanced data analytics, Arix is reinventing the way corrosion is detected and analyzed in manufacturing plants with the potential to save billions

  • BridgeYear

    BridgeYear delivers career exploration and support services that expose high school seniors to local, high-growth careers and empower students to develop a purpose for community

  • Penta

    Penta is a social venture that aims to address limb disability in Vietnam through collecting and repurposing used prosthetics in the US.

  • Powerhouse

    Powerhouse is an app that lets consumers control their carbon footprint and utility bill – alerting customers when they can benefit from powering down and providing a low-cost b

  • SepDx

    SepDx is  a phone application based electronic checklist and decision-support tool that aids clinicians in the treatment of sepsis.

  • Tone Base

    ToneBase is an online platform that facilitates the sharing of musical information with the mission of building a community around influential artists and their ideas.

  • Up For

    Up For is a social media platform that allows users to connect spontaneously in person through a posting menu system.

  • Verb

    Verb seeks to provide a healthy, tasty, convenient and affordable everyday source of energy for people leading active and engaged lifestyles.