YEI Fellows (2007-2014)


Levi DeLuke (YC ’14), Sebastian Monzon (YC ’14), Ellen Su (YC ’13)
A compliance monitor and feedback system for scoliosis braces that consists of a sensor module that can be installed on existing braces to record data on the tightness and wear-time of the brace. 
James Lin (SOM ’15), TP Ma (Raymond John Wean Professor of Electrical Engineering & Applied Physics), Xiao Sun (postdoc), Rebecca Su (YC '16)
A ferroelectric Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) providing semiconductor solutions.
Starling Childs (FES ’14), Peter Furest, Tom Reznick
Providing cities with cloud-based data management that facilitates real estate marketing and public outreach by showing where effective growth and development is happening and where new market opportunities exist.
Yong Zhao (FES ’14), Wanting Zhang (FES ’11), Ming Bai (Art ’13), Jasmine Guo
A healthy Chinese food quick-service franchise serving wraps and relying on fresh ingredients.
Olivia Zhao (SOM ’15), Lynn Fiellin (Associate Professor of Medicine), Kimberly Hieftje (Assistant Research Scientist in Medicine), Alexander Saeedy (YC/GSAS '15)
Using interactive video games, P2P aims to reduce STI/HIV infections and unintended pregnancy rates among young people by improving health education, behavioral health promotion and risk reduction in U.S. middle and high schools.
Jeremiah Kreisberg (YC ’14), Jacob Sandry (YC ’15), Eric Caine (YC ’15)
An organic, non-GMO sports drink that has the proper levels of electrolytes and sugars that athletes need during a workout.
Stephen Hall (YC '14), Tyler Reynolds (YC '14), David Cruz (YC ’14), Jon Lao (YC '14)
A server-based connection coordinator that facilitates wireless mesh networking by optimizing how data flows through the network and managing how local devices connect.
Amanda Rinderle (SOM ’15), Jonas Clark (SOM ’15)
A brand of professional apparel that is better for people and the planet, starting with high-quality dress shirts made from premium organic cotton.




Black Startup
Elgin Tucker (FES ’14), Nathan Fleming, Olugbolahan Adewumi
A web-based crowdfunding platform for the black community 

David Luan (YC '13), Sanchit AroraRory TImar
Dextro is a computer vision company that helps companies work with unstructured image data by identifying and summarizing the physical contents of photos and video.

Kara Brower (YC '13), Sean Mackay (SOM '14)
A novel single-cell immune analysis device 

Lab Candy
Olivia Pavco-Giaccia (YC '16), May Li Lynch
A social enterprise creating lab gear to encourage girls in science 

Daniel Qu (YC '13), Brendan Ross (YC '13), Noah Gray (YC '13), Marcus Moretti (YC '13)
An online marketplace allowing users to commission website development

Casper Daugaard (YC '13)
An online consumer-facing platform for buying products featured in television shows 

Truly Protect
Dor Zaidenberg (SOM '13)
Digital rights management solution for gaming

Hasan Ansari (SOM '14), Srikar Prasad (SOM '14), Fanni Li (SOM '14), Yulia Khvan (SOM '14)
A fast, efficacious and longer lasting antacid based on patented research from Yale Med School.


2012 YEI Fellows

Max Webster (YC '12), Sherwin Yu (YC '12)
Bringing the power of crowdfunding to energy efficiency by empowering local communities to collectively finance retrofits of local buildings.

Amos Kim (LAW '12), John Cadengo, Andrew Park
An app that uses geolocation and a recommendation engine to help consumers pick a place to eat in real time.

Mental Canvas
Paul Christensen (SOM '13), Patrick Paczkwoski (GSAS '13), Smita Venkat (SOM '13)
Mental Canvas enables designers to explore unfinished ideas built from sketches and photographs arranged in a coherent, lightweight 3D environment.

Panorama Education
Aaron Feuer (YC' 13), Alexander Tanner (YC '13), David Carel (YC '13), John Gerlach (YC '14)
A platform for K-12 schools and districts to easily collect student feedback and offer teachers clear reports with actionable insights.

Daniel Wolchonok (SOM '13)
An online service that does your meeting prepwork for you by creating “smart” interpersonal data – a way to analyze and discover what one user has in common with another.

Project: Optix
Vela-Susan Park (YC '13), Derrick Gomez
A dynamic daily deals website for discounted movie tickets.

RADx Cloud
Aaron Abajian (MED '15), Ann Nguyen
By bringing the power of high performance computing to radiology, this patient-friendly technology completely eliminates the need for a laxative during a virtual colonoscopy.

Red Ox Technologies
Claire Henly (YC '12), David Kohn (YC '11)
An Electrochemical Desalination Cell, a Yale University technology that desalinates water while producing electricity and synthesizing valuable inorganic salts.

Hilary Barr (YC' 12) and Tiffany Pang (YC '12)
A social online platform for affordable therapy augmentation for children with autism.

Neil St. Clair (GSAS '13)
A secondary marketplace for the reselling of services, such as hotel and restaurant reservations and daily deal coupons.
Colin Mills (YC '13)
A life-affirming, dynamic social network for individuals to personalize and customize their own memorial celebration and share their intentions and stories with others.

Brian Marrs (FES '12), Jake Seligman (PACE/FES '12), Joseph Edgar (PACE/FES '12), Matthew Cooperrider (FES '12)
An internet platform for homeowners where they can choose new energy efficient appliances, thermostats, windows, and more that are financed entirely through net present value positive energy savings over time.


2011 YEI Fellows

Arjun Ganesan (SOM '12)
Commercialization of a cellular manipulation and separation platform using biocompatible nanoferro‐fluids within low‐cost micro‐fluidic devices.

Chris Murphy (YC '12) & Greg Hausheer (YC '12)
An online, collaborative platform for one-click textbook buying by university course.

Zachary Rotholz (YC’11)
A cardboard furniture system that is inexpensive, reconfigurable, and collapsible.

Dolphin Golf
Sal Syed (SOM '12)
A golf ball tracking technology to help golfers find their golf balls and automatically track scores and stats.

The Guide Finder
Michael Holkesvik (YC '13), Konrad Coutinho (YC '13), Siddhartha Banerjee (YC '13)
Online reservation and booking system for hunting and fishing guides.

Karaoke Heroes
Andrew Lebwohl (SOM '12)
Importing and adapting the successful karaoke franchise model from Asian countries to urban areas surrounding college campuses.

Etkin Tekin (YC '12) & Tiffany Ho (YC '12)
An online suite of concierge services for the recent college graduate.

Steven Reis (SOM '12) & Michael Mossoba (SOM '12)
A freemium application in the Facebook marketplace for group album compilation and photo finding across profiles and groups.

Jessica Cole (YC '12) & Harriet Owers-Bradley (YC '11)
Mobile and web platform that aggregates events and activates them by location and time.

Scaled Liquid Systems
John Scrudato (YC '11) & Max Sutter (YC '11)
An enterprise-ready forced liquid cooling system for computer servers that is seventy to eighty percent more efficient than industry-standard coolers.

Wilson Chan (FES '12) & Huijia Phua (FES '10)
A software solution for international students for the two-part process of attending US universities: applying and subsequently adjusting to the host culture.


2010 YEI Fellows

Blu Technologies
Cat Manzo (SOM/FES'10) and Tien Shiao (FES'10)

A low energy, highly effective, and "green" technology to remove arsenic from drinking water.
Andrew Swick (SOM '11)

Provides a better way to organize gift exchanges for any holiday or celebration. CheckedTwice gives users a central online location for creating wishlists and purchasing gifts online.

Bidisha Banerjee (FES '11), Justin Freiberg (FES '10), Michael Sesko (FES/SOM'10), Peter Kuhn (GRD '10), & George Collins (LAW '12)

Produces biochar, an environmentally friendly soil additive that improves the efficiency of fertilizer and water uptake.

Justin Borgman (SOM '11)

Provides enterprises with a parallel DBMS solutions that offers the scalability and robustness of Hadoop with the analytical performance of a relational database.

Keely's Naturals
Keely Boyer (SOM '11)
All-natural and nutritionally fortified frozen juice snacks for health conscious parents and their active kids.

Mylu Foods
Isadora Tang (SOM '10) and Ben Beinecke (SOM '10)
Produces a line of affordable, healthy snack foods and prepared meals distributed through vending machines, corner stores, and schools.

Zack Parisa (FES '09) and Max Uhlenhuth (YC '12)
Software that makes obtaining a forest inventory, simpler, faster, and cheaper than other products on the market.

Stage Grade
Doug Rand (SOM '10) and Shinhyoung Sohn (DRA '10)
Aggregates the full range of theater reviews into one intuitive online report card, and guides users to the best ticket deals.

Traze Tag
Priyanka Karnik (GRD'10), Leandro Margulis (SOM'10) & Nathaniel Schwalb (YC'12)
Produces a customizable RFID tag and offers an all-inclusive service that includes RFID readers and software to track information about valuable assets.

Tutor Trove
Greg Korb (YC '10) and Eli Luberoff (YC '09)
Aims to become a worldwide virtual marketplace for tutors. TutorTrove currently offers a suite of software tools that streamline the business of tutoring in addition to a cutting edge whiteboard program for online tutoring.


2009 YEI Fellows

Barefoot Concepts
David Smith, Yale College
Jason (Jay) Sullivan, Yale College
Domain: Retail (athletic shoe)

Blind Pig Media
Alena Gribskov, Yale College
Ariel Shepherd-Oppenheim, Yale College
Domain: Online publishing

Career Cadence
Alan Carniol, Yale School of Management
Paul Holzer, Yale School of Management
Domain: SaaS/Web service (career development)

Cube Knowledge
James Rapp (Cube Knowledge), Yale School of Medicine
Domain: Saas/Web service (education)

The Green Bride Guide
Kate Harrison (The Green Bride Guide), Yale School of Forestry
Henry Finkelstein (The Green Bride Guide), Yale College
Domain: Web service (wedding/green vendor marketplace)

Grilled Cheese To Go
Michael Inwald (Grilled Cheese To Go), Yale School of Management
Domain: Food service/franchise

Daniel Hakim, Yale College
Michael Waxman, Yale College
Domain: Web tool (online music discovery)

Tezin Software
Jazear Brooks, Yale College
Philip Shao, Yale College
Domain: SaaS/ Web service (website development)

Richard Littlehale, Yale College
Jerry Choinski, Yale College
Domain: Service industry (electronic reselling and recycling)


2008 YEI Fellows

Catalyst Concepts
Vincent McPhillip (Catalyst Concepts), Yale College
Robert Henehan (Catalyst Concepts), Yale College
Domain: Web (Specialized social network)

Andrew Steinberg (Encountour), Yale College
Joshua Egan (Encountour), Yale College
Domain: Service/Tourism (voluntourism)

Found Objects Music
Bryan Senti, Yale School of Music
Jay Wadley, Yale School of Music
Domain: Entertainment (film music studio)

Hartman Salzano Technologies
Jonathan Hartman, Yale College, Mech. Engineering
Domain: Industrial robotics

Mangrove Partners
Daniel Fierro, Yale College
David Lee, Yale College
Domain: Microfinance securitization

Oasys Water
Leslee W. Parker (OASYS), Yale School of Management
Domain: Engineered processes (Water purification using forward osmosis)

Victor Wong, Yale College
Ka Mo Lau, Yale College
Domain: Web (On-line advertising)

REM Solutions (now WakeMate)
Arun Gupta, Yale College
Gregory Nemeth, Boston College
Domain: Medical device (smart alarm clock)

TwigTek (now YouRenew)
Robert Casey, Yale College
Domain: Service industry (personal electronic recycling and reselling)

Technology Fellow
Andrew Gu (PaperG), Yale College
Domain: Software development


2007 YEI Fellows

Sudipta Bandyopadhyay, Yale College, Biology and Economics
Gene Sussman, Yale College, History
Omar Christidis, Yale School of Management
Domain: specialized social networking

Ross Feinstein, Yale College, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Christopher Ricca, Yale College, Architecture
Domain: risk management application

Zheng Ma, Yale University, PhD, Computer Science
Jordan Goldberg, Yale School of Management
Domain: virality prediction on the web

James Park, Yale School of Medicine, MD/PhD, Neuroscience
Domain: video commerce

Jun Song, Yale University, MS, Environmental Management
Domain: China Bamboo-Carbon Fund

Brian Thompson, Yale College, Economics and Religious Studies
Domain: pool safety product

Emily Yudofsky, Yale College, Psychology
Domain: brain imaging for assessing consumer choice

Marc Zemel, Yale School of Management
Domain: hardware and retail vending