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Venture Creation Program Teams

The Venture Creation Program is an initiative to support entrepreneurs in the earliest stages of their ventures. Selected entrepreneurs receive up to $1,000 to develop their prototype or proof of concept, a YEI mentor, access to the YEI Associates and Corporate Partners and space in the YEI Incubator.


Cohort 2

  • AccurAid

    AccurAid is a website and mobile application that aims to better identify and minimize fraudulent activities in Medicare/Medicaid home health services.

  • ForestForm

    ForestForm puts information into the hands of community leaders, because farm and forest communities are on the front lines of preserving biodiversity.

  • Grandma's Choice

    Grandma’s Choice is a delicious, affordable, fortified baby food for families in Bangladesh.

    Team: Eddie Bearnot (SOM ’17), Tanveer Ali

  • HemoStat

    HemoStat, which can be applied easily in spray, gel, or bandage forms, stops bleeding in 5-10 seconds – no matter how severe.

  • J-Health

    J-Health provides an affordable and user-friendly platform to transform medical records management & improve healthcare delivery in Africa.

  • is a revolutionary online platform that gives musicians across the globe access to the future of music education.

  • shopthisfeed

    shopthisfeed makes it possible to shop straight from Instagram.

    Team: Kris Todi (YC ‘17), Minh Tri Pham (YC ‘17)

  • WorkerWhiz

    WorkerWhiz decreases employee attrition rates in restaurants by optimizing labor scheduling and increased wages.

Cohort 1

  • Bike City

    Bike City leases bikes and electric bikes to employees; it’s a more effective and cheaper way for employers to incentivize alter

  • CarryFree

    Streamlining the cleaning and transport of nebulizers for patients by creating a carrying case with a built-in washing component

  • Paragon

    Paragon is the one-stop, online marketplace for the procurement of products, goods, and services in the real estate industry.

  • Roammi

    Allowing travelers to uniquely experience a place by connecting with a local who runs an activity rooted in their passions and t

  • StarJungle

    An end-to-end platform for managing your kid’s allowance and chores while also teaching them how to safely spend and save

  • straDEFY

    straDEFY is creating a long-lasting, safe, effective, and eco-friendly sunscreen with innovative, patent-pending biomedical tech