Venture Creation Program Teams

The Venture Creation Program is a YEI initiative to support entrepreneurs in the earliest stages of their ventures.  Selected entrepreneurs receive up to $1,000 to develop their prototype or proof of concept, a YEI mentor, access to the YEI Associates and Corporate Partners and space in the YEI Incubator. Below, past VCP teams.


VCP Cohort 1

Allergy Amulet
Abigail Barnes (FES '15)
A rapid, portable, point-of-consumption food allergen detection device. 

Georginana Wagermann (YC '15), Tess Maggio (YC '16)
Energy snack that serves as a substantial source of natural protein and fiber.

Ivy Mobile Health
David Asuzu (MED '17), Mitali Rakhit (YSPH '16), Shaan Patel (SOM '16), Jaja Laio (YC '16), Alex Chittim (SOM '15), Courtney Bannerot (SOM & YSPH '16), Mike Ricciuti (SOM '16)
Mobile application for predicting the risk of complications in stroke patients after antithrombolysis. The ultimate vision of this venture is to bring together promising individuals with medical, business and design expertise to build thoroughly researched and clinically relevant medical applications that are designed to empower healthcare providers, to improve patient care and to generate a revenue stream.

DGMed Technologies, Inc.
Femi Giwa (YSPH '15), Doyin Adetoro, Meng Yang, Jerry Sun, Nicholas Kim, David S. Wang
Bi-modal (sound and ultrasound) electronic stethoscope. The vision is to empower physicians so they are able to "hear" an abnormal heart sound and "see" the cause of the abnormal heart sound on first contact with the patient.

ESG Compass
Rodrigo Castro (SOM '14), Juan Victor Seminario (SOM '15), Rafael Roca (SOM '16)
Online survey tool that aggregates non-financial metrics providing a cheaper alternative to traditional consultant companies.

Sachith Gullapalli (YC '17), James Stewart
Drone system and software used to collect date describing field health.There are two main components to the product: a small UAV and a software package. The UAV system is composed of an aircraft, autopilot multispectral camera and onboard computer that performs some image processing as well as a ground station transmitter. For example, identifying a crop blight while it is small and localized allows you to spray significantly less chemical and get better results.

Dan Freed
Mobile app for personal training clients that integrates with GPS and heart rate monitors to track progress.

Sumit Kadakia (SOM/FES '16), Thomas Selby (SOM/FES '16)
Online marketplace for high-quality land, infrastructure and energy assets. LandFunder will enable individuals to invest as professional investors do, but on an affordable and direct basis, by bringing together the sophistication of structured finance and the innovation of crowdfunding to green infrastructure and real assets.

Nick Andris (SOM '16), Charlie Proctor (YC '17), Sara Hamilton (YC '16), Jason Kim (YC '16), Harvey Xia (YC '16)
App that will usher group Q&A from websites to smartphones.

Aaswaad Kalamkar
Technology that will convert waste plastic to oil, generating sustainable energy and diverting waste plastic from landfills. It will generate sustainable energy by recycling waste plastic safely and efficiently by diverting waste plastic from landfills. Pyrolysis intends to start with a 30,000 TPA processing capacity and then grow multifold to be a major contributor to the sustainability cause.

Gowthaman Gunabushanam, MD (Diagnostic Radiology, Yale School of Medicine), Leslie Scoutt (Diagnostic Radiology,  Yale School of Medicine)
Ultrasound interpretation workflow system. The target customer is the radiology group or healthcare facility that performs ultrasound studies. Radzip allows physicians (radiologists) to concentrate on the image interpretation aspects of their jobs instead of performing tedious tasks that offer no direct patient benefit.

Coral Vita
Gator Halpern (FES '15), Sam Teicher (FES '14)
Reef Doctors envisions restoring reef ecosystems along large swaths of coastline through coral farming. Their work cultivating and transplanting climate change resistant corals will revive degraded reefs around the world. This in turn will safeguard the prosperity of nations, industries and communities dependent on these vital and threatened habitats.

Phil Esterman (YC '17), Henok Addis (YC '17)
Web app that parents can use to receive nightly stories, and story-based activities, that will consistently remind and motivate parents to read to their children. StoryTime is designed to erase the "word gap," the fact that, by age three, children from poor families have heard 30 million fewer words than those from wealthier families. For poor kids, the word gap is a brain-stunting, almost insurmountable barrier before they even start preschool.

Fabian Bosch (SOM '16), Anthony Francesco Annetta (SOM '16)
App that will allow users to share media between different platforms such as computers, phones, TV screens and projectors. Ultimately, the app will create the ability to show a PowerPoint presentation from a smart phone by swiping a finger across the screen.

VCP Cohort 2
Jason Abaluck (Assistant Professor, SOM), Cara Mae Cirignano (FES '14)
Testifiable offers an online platform that anyone can use to conduct and participate in randomized experiments with their peers.

Gautam Chopra (SOM '15), Purva Gupta, Vikas Bhardwaj, Debdipto Ghoshal
This startup hopes to create world’s best clothes shopping experience by connecting you with the inventory of local apparel stores and allowing you to check sizing, prices and more before you shop.

Rajwant Mahal (YC '15)
An integrated multiple pill packaging and reminder system.

ViVi Pulse
Zhen Li (Neuroschience PhD '17), Peng Yuan (Neurobiology PhD '17), Linran Fan (Electrical Engineering PhD '17)
Provides personalized health information to customers based on vital signals collected by innovative wearable electronics and processed through in-depth data analysis.

Becky Gallagher (FES/SOM '13), Jessie Shoemaker (FES '15)
Technology that increases energy security in the face of mounting weather effects of climate change, and gives residential utility customers electrical agency for the first time.

Drastic Measures
Molly Zeff (SOM '16), Jonathan Cannon
Fast-paced, creative storytelling game that changes in amusing ways every time you play; encourages creative thinking and problem-solving for students learning how to write fictional stories.

Civic Capacity
Yoni Landau (SOM '15), Jason Williams (SOM '16)
Bridging the divide between civil servants and entrepreneurs producing data-based technologies.

Ish Bhalla (Psychiatry Resident, School of Med '17), Daniel Epelbaum (Psychiatry Asst. Professor), Chris Lonardo
Technology for making in-home mental health appointments and finding new providers in the psychiatric field, eliminating barriers for patients requiring mental health support.

2013 - 2014

2014 Summer VCP

In the summer of 2013, YEI launched a new program called Summer VCP, an expansion of the academic year Venture Creation Program. Six teams were accepted to receive $5,000, 10 weeks of mentorship, support and lean startup education along with pitching opportunities and space in the YEI incubator.

Andrea Zapata Sosa (SOM '14), Aldo Alberto Sales (SOM '14)
Art rental company.

Jennifer Milikowsky (FES/SOM '15), Mark Woloszyn (FES '14)
Premium food products that increase the value of New England’s forests, beginning with pork.
Mavila Marina Miller (YC '16)
Group shipping from China.
Aaron Bloomfield (GSAS), Stafford Sheehan (GSAS '15), Alex Henry (SOM '15), David Johnson (SOM '15)
Chemical catalysts for electrolysis.
Siheun Song (DIV '15), Numaan Akram
On-demand bus travel for large events.
Chris Fleming (SOM '15)
Platform to connect travelers with gyms.

2013-2014 Academic Year VCP

Levi DeLuke (YC ‘14), Sebastian Monzon (YC ‘14), Ellen Su (YC ’13)
A brace monitoring device that is able to measure and report both compliance data and quality brace wear data in an interesting and helpful way for patients and physicians.

Amanda Rinderle (SOM ’15), Jonas Clark (SOM ’15)
A line of sustainable clothing that is well-designed, great fitting, quality business attire.
James Lin (SOM '15)
A technologically advanced computer microchip.

Aniya Agroforestry
Mark Woloszyn (FES ’14), Jennifer Milikowsky (FES ’15)
Cultivates and harvests indigenous tree nuts and makes them readily available to retail consumers.

Andrea Zapata (SOM ’14), Aldo Sales (SOM ’14)
An art leasing alternative for art investments.

Azim Munivar (YSM '16), Elizabeth Kim (YSPH/SOM '14)
A prototype for a medical therapy for acne involving the genetic reengineering of bacteria.

Beleaf Tea
Yiwen Gong  (FES '14), Xiao Wu (School of Architecture '15), Linran Fan (School of Electronic Engineering '17)
Beautiful real loose tea promoting healthier drinking habits.

Caitlin Feehan (FES '14), Cary Simmons (FES '14)
A new kind of infrastructure maintenance company that specializes in maintaining Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) for municipal clients.

Chive, fresh from Beijing
Yong Zhao (FES ’14), Wanting Zhang (FES ’11), Casper Pei (SOM ’12), Ming Bai, Jasmine Guo, Pauline Zhang, David Yan
A fast food restaurant that serves healthy and delicious traditional Chinese food in a wrap.
Starling Childs (FES'14)
Serves as a database and real estate listing site that offers valuable project management tools to both the city and the private sector. 
Christopher Bartley (YSM '15)
Link scientific text seamlessly to related data.

Rewon Child (YC ’13), Ray Xiong (YC ’12), Sherwin Yu (YC ’12)
An effective and cohesive online Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) sales and marketing platform where users can easily list, pay for, and join a CSA.
James Lin (SOM ’15), T.P. Ma, Xiao Sun
A lower cost polarity-based semiconductor technology delivering higher performance and scalability with lower energy usage.
Fideles Pharmaceuticals
Sorin Fedeles (YC ’10), Bogdan Fedeles
A therapeutic for the treatment of polycystic kidney disease (PKD).
Ian Bullock (GRD '15)
A modular construction set for flexible robotics. In particular, the system uses rigid plastic blocks which can be rapidly connected through rubber "flexures" through puzzle piece-like interconnects.

Blake Hofmeister (YC ’14), Aly Moore (YC ’14), Graham Kaemmer (YC ’16)
An activity twitter and list to help users accomplish tasks and goals, along with productivity enhancing activities they wouldn't normally think of.
Monika Weber (GRD '14) , Anthony Lynn (SOM '14), Seyla Azoz (YC '15)  
A nanotechnology portable sensor for pathogen detection.
Eric Rucker (SOM ’15)
A website/app that allows others to provide feedback to individuals in real time so that users may identify and track perceived strengths and weaknesses.
InCite Reference Technology    
Eric Van Nostrand (YLS '15)   
The first program that can automatically recognize and properly format legal citations within a legal document.
Jaja Liao  (YC '16), Hillary Ryan (YC '15), Luke Cartwright (YC '16), Ike Lee (YC '15)
A profitable platform for healthcare within urban slums in India.

JoyLearning (TBD)
Lin Shi (FES ’14)
A video game that teaches kids how to care about the environment.

Colton Jang (YC '16)
Research-grade techniques and software to firms and NGO that seek to optimize their processes.   

Sean Haufler (YC '14), Matt Rajcok (YC '14)
A lightbulb that, at the hardware level, automatically changes hue and brightness based on the time of day.
David Johnson (SOM ’15), David Huyssen , Andreas Voellmy, Richard Yang
An improved software-defined networking controller.
Nat Snax
Stephen Kincheloe (SOM ’14), Jason Hensler (SOM ’14), Joseph Nagle (SOM ’14), Tahira Rehmatullah (SOM ’14)
All-natural snacks that are both delicious and healthier than current alternatives in stores.
Noodle and Nut
Kendrick Strauch (SOM ’15), Jordan Reid
An innovative pregnancy pillow that is advanced in utility, versatility and visual design.
Open Vein Project
Zev Balsen (MED '15)
The vision of the Open Vein Project is to save money, time, and lives by making it easier for paramedics, nurses and doctors to find veins and start IVs.

Pearl Wellness & Detox
Pearl Maria Batista (DIV '18)  
Healing center with a current Central Park West studio, offering busy New Yorkers opportunities to stay healthy, fit and energized.
Kristen Barnico (SOM '15) 
PhosphoCo will rejuvenate the drug discovery process with a patented technology that superiorly models a drug’s interactions with the human body. 
Olivia Zhao (SOM ’15), Lynn Fiellin
High quality and high impact mobile games that are both fun and engaging to play and have a documented and sustained benefit to players.
Priscila Bala (SOM '14)
Writes, designs and sells pocket-size medical books for patients.
Aaron Bloomfield (GRD '14), Stafford Sheehan (GRD '17), Alex Henry (SOM '15)  
New and powerful catalysts that facilitate electrolysis of water for the production of hydrogen and oxygen.

Prepd LLC
Ian Panchevre (YC ’15), Mihai Bura, Madalin Babulescu, Emanuel Butacu, Jeremiah Anderson
Computer software that helps debaters research, practice and compete. It also serves as an educational tool for the coaches. 
Alexandru Litoiu (EAS ’18)
An electronic golf coach.
Abdelrahman Morsy (YC ’16), Franklyn Zhu (YC ’17)
A subscription service for exotic spices.
Shoestring Gifts
Victoria Bentley (YC ’16)
An online platform that orchestrates media donations to public schools
Social Post
Mainak Gosh (YC '15)
Crowdsourced shipping

Target DX
Wendy Davis (SOM ’14)
Diagnostic products that can deliver highly accurate testing results extremely fast.
April Koh (YC ’14), Jordan Jefferson (YC ’14), Jacob Williams (YC ’14)
A virtual concierge for dining and delivery options that allows users to view local dining options based on a mood or craving such as “hot date,” “no time,” or “post-workout.”
Third Eye Capital
Rahul Gorawara (YLS/SOM'17)
A new kind of consumer-focused hedge-fund.

2012 - 2013

Nate Wong (SOM '14), Danyel Aversenti
An innovative incubator for aspiring chefs to showcase their talents and test their culinary concepts.

BB Boba
Rahul Dhodapkar (YC '15), Lillian Xie (YC '15)
A shelf stable bubble tea product 

Elgin Tucker (FES ’14), Christopher Hollins (LAW ’14), Nathan Fleming, Olugbolahan Adewumi
Crowdfunding for projects aiding the Afro American community 

Blacktop Bloom
Rewon Child (YC '13), Ray Xiong (YC '12)
Using aquaponics, the simultaneous culture of fish and vegetables, on top of parking garages near restaurants to stimulate local, sustainably grown produce.

Ali Zia (YC '13)
Technology that enables eye-to-eye video chat

Jared Harwayne-Gidansky  (GSAS '15), Benjamin Strauss
A portable ECG monitoring device 

Chicha Morada
Peter Platt (SOM '13) 
A blue corn-based refreshment beverage very popular in Peru and now to be offered in the USA 

Dextro Robotics
David Luan (YC '14), Sanchit Arora
Software that can recognize things for robotics 

Blake Hofmeister (YC '15), Aly Moore (YC '14), Graham Kaemmer (YC '16)
A productivity tool that integrates tracking, rewards and social networking 

Evan Feinberg (YC ’13), Julien Clancy (YC ’15), Kirill Miniaev (YC ’12), Mason Liang (YC ’15), Jazear Brooks (YC ’13)
A collaborative research network

I Gro-Green
Jorge G. Barbosa (FES '13) 
Patented home & business hydroponic systems

Casper Daugaard (YC '13), Brannack McLain (YC '12)
An interactive shopping-television website 

Brian Loeb (YC ’14), Christine Hong (YC ’15)
A web-based content manager

Kara Brower (YC '13), Sean Mackay (SOM '14) 

Paul Froese (SOM '13), Shan Parmar (SOM '13), Andrew Voellmy, Richard Yang (Assoc Prof Computer Science)
A flexible, software netowrk controller 

Stephen Kincheloe (SOM '14), Jason Hensler (SOM '14), Tahira Rehmatullah (SOM '14), Joseph Nagle (SOM '14)
A line of yogurt-based natural snack foods 

Jeff Woodward (FES '14), Sam Bulow (SOM '13), Marissa Galizia (FES/SOM '15), Michael Parks (FES '12), Jeffrey Schub (SOM '13)
A Texas-based retail energy reseller 

Smita Venkat (SOM '13), Hans Teja (SOM '13), Joel Sng (SOM '14, GSAS '19)
A website that matches research studies with potential participants  

Scrub Caps
Stephanie Cheng (MED) 
Bringing fashion to the Operating Room 

Aaron Paul (SOM '13), John D'Agostino (FES/SOM '13), Stephen Liapis (FES '12)
An organic, high nitrogen fertilizer 

TEN Apps
Ishan Sinha (YC ’14)
A programming consultancy

The Reading List
Nicole Ivey (YC '14), Mona Cao (YC '14), Yohanna Peppa (YC '14), Cora Ornseth (YC '14)
A high end delivered brunch service 

Sarah Barbo (FES/SOM '14)
An alternative heat rejection technology that relies on constructed wetlands instead of cooling towers to reduce consumption of water.

Truly Protect
Dor Zaidenberg (SOM '13), Yanni Legmpelos (YC '13) 
Security algorithms for online gaming, etc. 

Viceroy Capital
Kalil Diaz (SOM '14)
A fund to make investments in the Dominican Republic 

Neil Carr (SOM ’14)
A wedding planning service

West China Tea Company
Nathana O'Brien (LAW '15), So-Han Fan
A company importing rare and exotic Chinese teas 

Yori Nori
Catherine Choi (SOM '13), Jonathan Wong (SOM '13) 
A korean quick service restaurant