Venture Creation Program

You’ve got an idea. A big idea. Maybe it came to you while working in the lab or building in the machine shop. Or maybe while talking to a professor or texting a friend. How do you find out if your idea has legs? The Venture Creation Program is designed to give students support in turning that gold nugget of an idea into commercial gold with a little financial support and a whole lot of mentoring and expert advice. Student startups at any stage in the inspiration process will be given consideration for admittance into the VCP. Many of these early-stage teams have gone on to secure coveted Summer Fellowships where they work to develop their newly honed ideas into commercially successful businesses.


We’re looking for any Yale students interested in launching a startup. Ideally you’ll have a clear view of an unmet market need, a core team, an initial business model and a coherent plan for use of YEI resources. Faculty is eligible, too, provided at least one member of the team is a Yale student or Postdoctoral fellow.

What We Need

Simply sign up for office hours with a YEI staff member. Entrance into the VCP is on a rolling basis, with deadlines around the last day of each month during the semester (Fall 2013: December 2; Spring 2014: January 31, February 28, March 28).

Start Discovering

Those accepted into the Venture Creation Program will be given up to $2,500 to advance their idea into the market, a YEI mentor, access to the YEI Consultants and Corporate Partners and dedicated space (24/7) in the YEI Incubator. Once accepted, teams will meet with a VCP Advisor every two weeks at least to track their progress.

Meet our current 2013-2014 VCP teams below. Former VCP teams can be found here.

2013-2014 VCP Teams

Levi DeLuke (YC ‘14), Sebastian Monzon (YC ‘14), Ellen Su (YC ’13)
A brace monitoring device that is able to measure and report both compliance data and quality brace wear data in an interesting and helpful way for patients and physicians.

Amanda Rinderle (SOM ’15), Jonas Clark (SOM ’15)
A line of sustainable clothing that is well-designed, great fitting, quality business attire.
James Lin (SOM '15)
A technologically advanced computer microchip.

Aniya Agroforestry
Mark Woloszyn (FES ’14), Jennifer Milikowsky (FES ’15)
Cultivates and harvests indigenous tree nuts and makes them readily available to retail consumers.

Andrea Zapata (SOM ’14), Aldo Sales (SOM ’14)
An art leasing alternative for art investments.

Azim Munivar (YSM '16), Elizabeth Kim (YSPH/SOM '14)
A prototype for a medical therapy for acne involving the genetic reengineering of bacteria.

Beleaf Tea
Yiwen Gong  (FES '14), Xiao Wu (School of Architecture '15), Linran Fan (School of Electronic Engineering '17)
Beautiful real loose tea promoting healthier drinking habits.

Caitlin Feehan (FES '14), Cary Simmons (FES '14)
A new kind of infrastructure maintenance company that specializes in maintaining Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) for municipal clients.

Chive, fresh from Beijing
Yong Zhao (FES ’14), Wanting Zhang (FES ’11), Casper Pei (SOM ’12), Ming Bai, Jasmine Guo, Pauline Zhang, David Yan
A fast food restaurant that serves healthy and delicious traditional Chinese food in a wrap.
Starling Childs (FES'14)
Serves as a database and real estate listing site that offers valuable project management tools to both the city and the private sector. 
Christopher Bartley (YSM '15)
Link scientific text seamlessly to related data.

Rewon Child (YC ’13), Ray Xiong (YC ’12), Sherwin Yu (YC ’12)
An effective and cohesive online Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) sales and marketing platform where users can easily list, pay for, and join a CSA.
James Lin (SOM ’15), T.P. Ma, Xiao Sun
A lower cost polarity-based semiconductor technology delivering higher performance and scalability with lower energy usage.
Fideles Pharmaceuticals
Sorin Fedeles (YC ’10), Bogdan Fedeles
A therapeutic for the treatment of polycystic kidney disease (PKD).
Ian Bullock (GRD '15)
A modular construction set for flexible robotics. In particular, the system uses rigid plastic blocks which can be rapidly connected through rubber "flexures" through puzzle piece-like interconnects.

Blake Hofmeister (YC ’14), Aly Moore (YC ’14), Graham Kaemmer (YC ’16)
An activity twitter and list to help users accomplish tasks and goals, along with productivity enhancing activities they wouldn't normally think of.
Monika Weber (GRD '14) , Anthony Lynn (SOM '14), Seyla Azoz (YC '15)  
A nanotechnology portable sensor for pathogen detection.
Eric Rucker (SOM ’15)
A website/app that allows others to provide feedback to individuals in real time so that users may identify and track perceived strengths and weaknesses.
InCite Reference Technology    
Eric Van Nostrand (YLS '15)   
The first program that can automatically recognize and properly format legal citations within a legal document.
Jaja Liao  (YC '16), Hillary Ryan (YC '15), Luke Cartwright (YC '16), Ike Lee (YC '15)
A profitable platform for healthcare within urban slums in India.

JoyLearning (TBD)
Lin Shi (FES ’14)
A video game that teaches kids how to care about the environment.

Colton Jang (YC '16)
Research-grade techniques and software to firms and NGO that seek to optimize their processes.   

Sean Haufler (YC '14), Matt Rajcok (YC '14)
A lightbulb that, at the hardware level, automatically changes hue and brightness based on the time of day.
David Johnson (SOM ’15), David Huyssen , Andreas Voellmy, Richard Yang
An improved software-defined networking controller.
Nat Snax
Stephen Kincheloe (SOM ’14), Jason Hensler (SOM ’14), Joseph Nagle (SOM ’14), Tahira Rehmatullah (SOM ’14)
All-natural snacks that are both delicious and healthier than current alternatives in stores.
Noodle and Nut
Kendrick Strauch (SOM ’15), Jordan Reid
An innovative pregnancy pillow that is advanced in utility, versatility and visual design.
Open Vein Project
Zev Balsen (MED '15)
The vision of the Open Vein Project is to save money, time, and lives by making it easier for paramedics, nurses and doctors to find veins and start IVs.

Pearl Wellness & Detox
Pearl Maria Batista (DIV '18)  
Healing center with a current Central Park West studio, offering busy New Yorkers opportunities to stay healthy, fit and energized.
Kristen Barnico (SOM '15) 
PhosphoCo will rejuvenate the drug discovery process with a patented technology that superiorly models a drug’s interactions with the human body. 
Olivia Zhao (SOM ’15), Lynn Fiellin
High quality and high impact mobile games that are both fun and engaging to play and have a documented and sustained benefit to players.
Priscila Bala (SOM '14)
Writes, designs and sells pocket-size medical books for patients.
Aaron Bloomfield (GRD '14), Stafford Sheehan (GRD '17), Alex Henry (SOM '15)  
New and powerful catalysts that facilitate electrolysis of water for the production of hydrogen and oxygen.

Prepd LLC
Ian Panchevre (YC ’15), Mihai Bura, Madalin Babulescu, Emanuel Butacu, Jeremiah Anderson
Computer software that helps debaters research, practice and compete. It also serves as an educational tool for the coaches. 
Alexandru Litoiu (EAS ’18)
An electronic golf coach.
Abdelrahman Morsy (YC ’16), Franklyn Zhu (YC ’17)
A subscription service for exotic spices.
Shoestring Gifts
Victoria Bentley (YC ’16)
An online platform that orchestrates media donations to public schools
Social Post
Mainak Gosh (YC '15)
Crowdsourced shipping

Target DX
Wendy Davis (SOM ’14)
Diagnostic products that can deliver highly accurate testing results extremely fast.
April Koh (YC ’14), Jordan Jefferson (YC ’14), Jacob Williams (YC ’14)
A virtual concierge for dining and delivery options that allows users to view local dining options based on a mood or craving such as “hot date,” “no time,” or “post-workout.”
Third Eye Capital
Rahul Gorawara (YLS/SOM'17)
A new kind of consumer-focused hedge-fund.