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Venture Creation Consultants

Venture Creation Consultants are graduate and professional school students who provide business planning, financial modeling, strategy assistance, competitive assessments, market sizing, business model creation and marketing plan development to YEI student and faculty startups. Venture Creation Consultants receive access to mentors at top-tier consulting firms. Accepted students receive a $1,000/semester stipend.

*Applications are now closed.*

  • Daria Huang

    Daria Huang is a fifth-year PhD candidate in the Chemistry Department studying metal-based catalysts for use in green energy efforts, like solar and hydrogen fuel cells.

  • Gene Sussman

    Gene Sussman is an MBA candidate at the Yale School of Management and the cofounder of NextLanding, an apartment search website that uses online data to organize and simplify th

  • Kim Quach

    Kim is a fifth-year PhD candidate in the Department of Chemistry where he studies the signaling of EGFR, a cell-surface receptor that can promote cell growth and division.

  • Mary Burke

    Mary Burke is a fifth-year PhD candidate in the Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program studying the neurobiology of obesity.

  • Milica Vukmirovic

    Milica Vukmirovic is a Postdoctoral Associate at the Yale School of Medicine where she works on a platform for functional transcriptomics, and leads translational research

  • Peter Sjolander

    Peter Sjolander is a first year MBA candidate at the Yale School of Management.  Before coming to Yale, Peter spent four years working in feature film production at Marvel Studi

  • Tina Noohi

    Tina Noohi is a second year Healthcare Management student at the Yale School of Public Health. Before Yale she lived in San Francisco.

  • Yennie Lee

    Yennie Lee is a first-year student at the Yale School of Management. Prior to Yale, Yennie worked at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on its U.S.