Team Profile: Youlo

Posted on Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Team Name: Youlo
Team Members: Colin Mills (YC’13), Carol Lasky
Industry: Webtech, Publishing, Healthcare/Elder Care

The Pitch

Youlo empowers individuals to personalize their own end-of-life send-offs and make their intentions known with a suite of in-print and online tools.’s online registry for creating, curating, and recording personal statements, ethical wills and giving designations, as well as the print legacy planner Youlo Pages, gives the individual the “last word” in how their lives will be celebrated, taking an enormous burden off of friends and family who would otherwise be left to decide what in the world someone “would have wanted.”

The Team

Colin Mills is a rising senior Economics major at Yale and a member of Pierson College. Observing the challenging and changing terrain of the healthcare market, Colin was inspired to enter the world of entrepreneurship. A Boston native, Colin has previously interned in management consulting. He has been a member of the Yale Varsity Fencing Team and enjoys writing short fiction.

Carol Lasky is a seasoned brand marketing professional with over 25 years’ experience. Her Boston-based firm Cahoots Design has launched multiple web-tech, healthcare and biotech startups and initiatives. Cahoots has been recognized for excellence in communication strategy and design with numerous commendations, most recently by the Massachusetts Historical Commission. Cahoots’ work is featured in many Best Of… juried compilations.

What problems did you see that led you to develop Youlo?

By most accounts, over 55% of adult Americans do not have wills. A far greater number die without having an opportunity to articulate and pass along their stories, share their life intentions and personalize their send-off celebrations/funeral arrangements. This creates a costly logistical and emotional quagmire for family and friends. Our recent surveys, targeting professionals in elder care, hospice, legal and financial services and the funeral industry, underscore the need for — and value of — tools (online and in print) that facilitate important legacy conversations. Personalized legacy planning platforms hold the promise of enhanced peace of mind, intergenerational understanding and improved health outcomes. With 78 million baby boomers approaching their milestone ages and rapidly driving up the demand for senior services, we recognize that this is a group that wants to be remembered and celebrated in the same way they have lived: uniquely.

How is the Youlo solution different?

We are building a social platform of personalized, experience-based legacy creation. Our emphasis is on dynamic storytelling. In contrast to many current sites and tools that are clinical and impersonal, Youlo encourages personal expression. Youlo enables individuals at all life stages to affirm life in simple, secure and honest reflection by providing a “necessary repository” for memory storage and retrieval.  At its core, Youlo is a secure, comprehensive, and trustworthy social-model platform that allows members to create and share their last words and final wishes.


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