Team Profile: UnBuyThat

Posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Team Name: UnBuyThat LLC (based in New York City)
Team Members: Neil St. Clair, GSAS 2013
Industry: Consumer-to-Consumer Marketplace

The Pitch

UnBuyThat is an online consumer-to-consumer (C2C) marketplace for the buying and selling of experiences. Think of us as a StubHub for services with a shelf-life.

The Team

Neil St. Clair, CEO & Founder – Neil is currently in Yale’s Graduate School of Arts & Sciences studying International Relations & Economics (2013). At UnBuyThat he focuses on the overall operational and product strategic vision as well as firm finances. Prior to enrolling at Yale, he was as a professional television reporter in New York for Time Warner Cable-owned NY1 and YNN. He was also a research analyst for a boutique expert shop on Wall Street. Neil received his Bachelors from Boston University.

Melissa Dixon, CSO & Founder –As Chief Strategy Office, Melissa focuses on building strategic relationships with various partners (e.g. merchants and API developers). She also heads up investor communications and outreach and development of corporate culture. Prior to UnBuyThat, she worked in corporate and strategic communications for a Fortune 100 financial services firm as well as several years at The Equity Group, a boutique investor relations outfit. Melissa received her Bachelors from Texas Tech University.

Jack Spencer, COO –At UnBuyThat, Jack is focused on day-to-day operations (e.g. Human Resources and Customer Service) and long-term project management, including cost analysis. This follows a career in construction management with Sciame, a mid-sized firm in Manhattan. Jack received his Bachelors from George Washington University.

Bradford Buonasera, CTO –Brad is a .Net- and Java-Certified developer and also has his PMP designation. His role at UnBuyThat is management of systems, people and technology, including overseeing programmers and developers. He has worked for several Fortune 500 firms, including Pfizer and Merrill Lynch, as a Program, IT and Tech lead. Brad has a BA from Cornell and an MBA from Baruch College.

Joel Mazmanian, CMO –Joel’s role at UnBuyThat is overseeing all marketing and strategic branding communications, including managing relationships with media and advertising partners. He has worked for several leading and boutique PR houses following a career in television journalism at CBS News. Joel graduated from Emerson College.

What problems did you see that led you to develop UnBuyThat?

The idea for UnBuyThat came when Neil was unable to find his fiancée a hotel room in the Berkshires for the annual Tanglewood Concert two days in advance of the event--all the rooms were sold out. After looking online for a place to buy a reservation from someone who might have canceled, and finding no go-to option, an idea was born. Since that initial spark, the team has found that not only are a significant number of folks caught with an experience that they cannot change or cancel, but many also would want to profit from their market knowledge if it were possible.

How is the UnBuyThat solution different?

Not only do we help folks get rid of their buyer's remorse and avoid change-of-plan penalties, but we are a platform for encouraging micro-entrepreneurs. When an experience becomes otherwise unobtainable it gains in value—that Groupon you bought for $100 that sold out in one day—well maybe to the next in line it's worth $200.

We are the first mover in this new secondary market space focusing on both traditional B2C businesses and C2C collaborative consumption sites. Committed to setting a standard in the C2C space, UnBuyThat prides itself on native and intuitive UX/UI with simple search tools, unlike many current marketplaces. Our proprietary curation methodology, which we use to determine a minimum threshold of quality, fun and safety for any experience listed on our site, and our emphasis on customer service set UnBuyThat apart.

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