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Posted on Monday, July 18, 2011

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Company Name: Pixtapes
Team Members: Steve Reis (SOM ’12), Michael Mossoba (SOM ’12), Guille Carlos.
Industry: Consumer Internet

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The Pitch:

Pixtapes is a web app that makes it easy for friends to create group photo albums.

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Steve Reis | Product, Business Development
Current MBA student at the Yale School of Management. Previously, Senior Associate with Landmark Ventures providing strategic advisory and investment banking services to numerous emerging technology ventures. Worked closely with investors and leadership teams from innovative start-ups to define a go-to-market strategy, drive revenue growth, raise funding, and execute M&A transactions. Earlier experience as a consultant with Deloitte Consulting LLP helping Fortune 500 companies drive key strategy, ops, and technology initiatives. 

Michael Mossoba | Product, Marketing

Current MBA student at the Yale School of Management. Founder and CEO of Goodness500, Inc., a web startup that ranks S&P 500 companies based on corporate social responsibility. Previously, Director of Community and Business Development at GeniusRocket, a digital ad agency that crowdsources creative media for brands like Pepsi, Kraft, and Sony. 

Guille Carlos | Technology Development

President of Bitpop, an application development company based in the Washington D.C. area. Previously, Associate with Booz Allen Hamiliton providing development and engineering solutions to the Government. Earlier experience as a Java developer with Lockheed Martin. Entrepreneurial experience working with various venture-backed startups (including Workstreamer).  

What problem did you see that led you to develop Pixtapes?
Trying to capture and relive a party, wedding or trip can be a real hassle. For every social event, you and your friends have dozens or even hundreds of photos captive on cameras, phones, and computers and scattered across the social web on various individual accounts. With consumers uploading over one billion photos each week, this is a big problem.

How is the Pixtapes solution different? 
Simple and Beautiful: We are focused on creating the simplest, most engaging way for groups of friends to share photos online. No clutter, no distractions.

Open Platform: We enable friends to collaborate with their photos from multiple photo services including Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr.

Inherently Viral Product: Every time a user creates an album, he or she can invite a bunch of friends to contribute their photos. This social mechanism allows us to grow organically, by letting our users attract our users.

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