Student Ventures in Business

Below is a list of the student ventures that are 'in business' - having raised initial investment capital or recruited their first customers:

Alea Diagnostics (early-stage identification of autism)
Founder: Linda Craib (SOM '10)

Ancera (rapid cell separation and pathogen diagnosis)
Co-founders: Arjun Ganesan (SOM '12) and Hur Koser 

Career Cadence (career direction and planning)
Co-founders: Alan Carniol (SOM '10) and Paul Holzer (SOM '09)

Chairigami (cardboard furniture) - YEI Incubator Graduate
Founder: Zachary Rotholz (YC '11)

Checked Twice (online gift exchange organizer)
Founder: Andrew Swick (SOM '11)

Cheeseboy: Grilled Cheese To Go (quick-serve food franchise)
Founder: Michael Inwald (SOM)

Communificiency (crowdfunding platform for energy efficiency)
Co-founders: Max Webster (YC '12) and Sherwin Yu (YC '12) 

Desmos (virtual whiteboard and teaching tools) - YEI Incubator Tenant
Co-Founder: Eli Luberoff (YC '09)

Efficiency 2.0 (energy efficiency and social software provider)
Founder: Tom Scaramellino (LAW '08)

Encendia (biochar soil additive) - YEI Incubator Tenant
Co-founders: Justin Freiberg (FES '10) & Michael Sesko (FES/SOM'10)

The Green Bride Guide (#1 green weddings website and vendor directory)
Founder: Kate Harrison (FES '09)

GSM Nation (contract-free wireless devices)
Founder: Ahmed Khattack (YC '10)

Gurufi (marketplace for essay editing)
Founders: James Park (YSM '09), Stephane Budel (GRD '08), Brian Fobi (GRD '10), Daniel Vekther (YC '08)

Hadapt (HadoopDB cloud-optimized parallel database)
Founder: Justin Borgman (SOM '10)

Artnear (global guides for art and design)
Co-Founder: Tiffany Dehejia (SOM '08)

Bonica (smart baby bundle)
Founder: Hans Teja 

Bookzinga (online marketplace for textbooks)
Founder: George Tang (YC '14) 

Infinitronics (wireless broadband device) - YEI Incubator Graduate
Founder: Ahmed Khattack (YC '10)

Karaoke Heroes (dedicated karaoke bar)
Founder: Andrew Lebwohl (SOM '12) 

Hopnear (global guides for art and design)
Co-Founder: Tiffany Dehejia (SOM '08)

The Little Salad Shop (salads, smoothies and dry goods)
Co-founders: Etkin Tekin (YC ’12), Tiffany Ho (YC '12) and Jerry Choinski (YC '12)

Mental Canvas (Software platform that bridges traditional drawing and 3D modeling)
Co-Founders: Eric Cheng (GRD '08) and Julie Dorsey

Oasys (Water purification using forward osmosis)
Co-Founder: Rob McGinnis (ENG '09)

Panorama Education (online K-12 survey platform)
Co-Founders: Aaron Feuer (YC '13), David Carel (YC '13), John Gerlach (YC '13), Xan Tanner (YC '13) 

Paper G (online local advertising platform) - YEI Incubator Graduate
Founders: Victor Cheng (YC ’08), Ka Mo Lau (YC '11) and Victor Wong (YC '11)

Pixtapes (online group photo album) - YEI Incubator Graduate
Founders: Steven Reis (SOM '12) and Michael Mossoba (SOM '12)

Prepwork (personal research assistant for meetings)
Founder: Dan Wolchonok (SOM '13) 

Project Optix (dynamically-priced movie tickets)
Co-founders: VelaSusan Park (YC '13) and Debayan Gupta (GRD '14)

Roammeo (map-based local event aggregator) - YEI Incubator Graduate
Co-founders: Jessica Cole (YC ’12) and Harriet Owers-Bradley (YC '11)

RedOx (electrochemical desalination cell)
Co-founders: David Kohn (YC '11) and Claire Henly (YC '12) 

SilviaTerra (forest inventory management software)
Co-founders: Max Uhlenhuth (YC '12) and Zack Parisa (FES '09)

SocialSci (online scientific surveys)
Co-founders: Leon Noel (YC '10) and Harley Trung (YC '10)

Specially (online autism therapy augmentation)
Co-founders: Hilary Barr (YC '12) and Tiffany Pang (YC '12) 

StageGrade (online resource for play reviews)
Co-Founder: Doug Rand (LAW/SOM '10) (software enabling commitment contracts)
Founder: Jordan Goldberg

TrazeTag (customizable RFID tag)
Co-founders: Priyanka Karnik (GRD'10), Leandro Margulis (SOM'10) & Nathaniel Schwalb (YC'12)

UnBuyThat (secondary marketplace for the buying and selling of experiences)
Founder: Neil St. Clair (GSAS '13) 

UNICQ (international students guide to higher education)
Co-founders: Huijia Phua (F&ES '10) and Wilson Chan (F&ES '12) 

WakeMate (smart alarm clock that wakes an individual at optimal point in REM cycle)
Founder: Arun Gupta (YC)

YouRenew (buy back and resell eletronics company) - YEI Incubator Graduate
Founders: Bob Casey (YC '11) and Richard Littlehale (YC ’10)

Youlo (personalized end-of-life send-offs)
Founder: Colin Mills (YC '13)

Please note only Yale student founders are listed here.