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PatientBank is a platform for sharing medical records with hospitals, doctors and family members. We automate the process of requesting medical records from any doctor, store health information securely online and make it easy to share records with family members and doctors. Because records stored in PatientBank are controlled by the patient, hospitals don’t have to interface with other hospitals—they access all the information they need via PatientBank. The platform eliminates the need for (and cost of) interoperability.


  • Paul Fletcher-Hill, CEO, Yale 2015, Computer Science and Economics. Previously Goldman Sachs, Upstart, Artsy, and NASA.
  • Feridun Mert Celebi, CTO, Yale 2016, Computer Science and Math. Previously Microsoft and the Yale Technology and Innovation Lab.
  • Kevin Grassi, M.D., CMO, Pediatrician at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Previously founded Goallio, worked at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
  • Graham Kaemmer, Software Engineer, Yale 2016, Cognitive Science. Previously TripAdvisor and SearchMetrics.