YEI's mission is to:

1.  Identify, help develop and help found innovative student-led ventures with compelling business propositions.

2.  Develop a robust and durable entrepreneurial student culture by building "entrepreneurial awareness" in the greatest number of Yale students possible, irrespective of their short-term career plans.

3.  Foster regular and outcome-oriented interactions between Yale alumni in entrepreneurial settings and students seeking guidance as they found their own ventures.

4.  Allocate our time and effort mindful of both our venture and educational goals:

   ◦  In our venture practice, we will focus our resources on those student venture 
      opportunities with the greatest likelihood of succeeding.

   ◦  In our educational practice, we will help educate a growing number of Yale 
      students with entrepreneurial interests, both through curriculum development as
      well as through the introduction to selected external mentors.

5.  Adhere to, and demand from others, a strict code of "intellectual honesty" in rationally evaluating specific student venture opportunities.

6.  Adhere to the highest ethical standards in dealing with student ventures. We will share with student entrepreneurs, by both our words and our demonstrated example, those norms of behavior expected in the professional world when dealing with partners, suppliers, investors, customers, and competitors.

7.  As part of an educational community, we recognize that students have a responsibility to complete their studies.