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Yale College Dean's Challenge on Social Innovation

One undergraduate team with a social venture applying for the YEI Fellowship (Deadline: January 26, 2017) will receive special designation by Yale College Dean Jonathan Holloway. All undergraduate teams with a social venture who apply for the Fellowship will be considered.

The initiative is a challenge to the Yale College community to think about serious global issues in health, food and water scarcity, climate change and other concerns, and put together a business plan that will address one of those problems and could, one day, could affect a million lives or more.

*Read about PremieBreathe, our first Dean’s Challenge winner here!*

If you are interested in applying to the Yale College Dean’s Challenge for Social Innovation, check out the upcoming events and opportunities below!

Get Inspired

Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Patrick Struebi (TBD)

Go to a Hackathon

  • Environment & Sustainability Hackathon (date tbd)
  • Health Equity & Technology Hackathon (date tbd)
  • Yale Healthcare Hackathon: January 20-22, 2017

Get Educated

Attend a workshop!

Explore your idea

Apply to the Venture Creation Program

  • Cohort 1 deadline: September 16, 2016
  • Cohort 2 deadline: October 28, 2016

Make an appointment with our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence

Anyone interested in on applying to the Dean’s Challenge will be given the opportunity to apply to or meet with:

  • YEI Social Entrepreneur in Residence Patrick Struebi
  • YEI Entrepreneurs in Residence

Questions? Talk to YEI Social and Environmental Innovation Program Manager Cass Walker-Harvey,