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Coral Vita

Coral Vita will grow and install resilient corals to revive degraded reefs. Over 30% of reefs have died globally in the past several decades, and up to 75% are projected to be dead by 2050. Our company will enable stakeholders dependent upon healthy reefs to protect their livelihoods and revenue streams by reviving their reefs through restoration. Our corals, chosen for their resilience to changing ocean conditions, will be grown in on-land nurseries using recently developed coral farming techniques that accelerate growth.


  • Sam Teicher (FES ‘15) - Helped run a UN-funded coral farming project while COO of an international NGO and supported environmental policymakers at the White House.
  • Gator Halpern (FES ‘15) - Managed a series of aquaculture projects in the Peruvian Amazon and has worked on development projects in South America and Southern Africa.