Calhoun College Master's Tea with Greg Behrman, Founder of NationSwell


Wed, December 4 - 4:00pm


Calhoun College, 189 Elm St., New Haven


Greg Behrman is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of NationSwell – a new media company and online journalism platform launching soon. Behrman was a member of the Policy Planning Staff at the US Department of State from 2008-2011, where he played a key role in helping to design several Presidential and Secretarial-level initiatives, before he left the State Department to serve in Afghanistan for a year as a Strategic Advisor first to General David Petraeus and then to General John Allen. He is the author of The Most Noble Adventure: The Story of the Marshall Plan and The Time When America Helped to Save Europe as well as The Invisible People about the US response to the global AIDS pandemic. 

NationSwell is a digital media company focused on telling stories about people who are renewing America - the innovators and builders who are doing creative and impactful things to move America forward. The company's aim is to identify them, showcase them, and mobilize social action in support of their efforts.

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