BLOG: Before October 2013


YEI is pleased to announce the students who were selected as fellows in the Technology Commercialization Program, and those who have become the first group of VC Advisors and the latest group of YEI Consultants.

There were lots of applications this year, including 25 for TCP (9 accepted); 69 for VC Advisors (6 accepted) and 30 for YEI Consultants (12 accepted). We'll be updating you with more details about these standout students as these programs get underway - stay tuned!

Priscila Bala (SOM '14, YC '06)
Kristen Barnico (SOM '15, Dartmouth College '09, Colby College '08)
Jordan Carter (SOM '15, YC '10)
David Emmerman (SOM '15, Amherst College '11)
David Thomas Johnson (SOM '15, Beijing Normal University '07, Univ. Southern California '06)
Sumit Kadakia (SOM '15, FES '15, UPenn '06)
James Lin (SOM '15, UCLA '07)
Chocku Radhakrishnan (SOM '15, University of Michigan '04, Univ. of Florida '01)
Olivia Zhao (SOM '15, UCLA '05, Univ. of California Santa Barbara '04)
Nicholas Bagg (SOM '14, Johns Hopkins '11, Loyola '09)
Alexander Chittim (SOM '15, Bowdoin '08)
Simran Dua (SOM '14, NYU '05)
Chris Fleming (SOM '15, Columbia '08)
Cassandra Ouqi Kerr (SOM '15, MIT '08)
Tahira Rehmatullah (SOM '14, Ohio State Univ. '05)
Julie Andress (SOM '15) - Consumer product project manager
Megan Billman (SOA '16) - Graphic designer and film maker
Justine Chan (SOM '14) - Investment analyst and consultant
Gautam Chopra (SOM MAM '14) -International finance consultant
Rachel Cooper (SOM '15) - Consumer product marketer
Eddy Fong (SOM '15) - Consumer product finance analyst
Nate Gorence (SOM '14) - Energy investment analyst
Apoorv Jain (SOM '14) (Coordinator) - Life Sciences consultant
Tuan Ha (SOM '15) - Health care sales & business development analyst
Joseph Nagle (SOM '14) - Graphic & web designer
Andrej Pavlovic (FES '15) - Solar financial analyst
Aditya Sinha (SOM MAM '14) - Strategy and business development consultant
Nick Tomaino (SOM '15) - Venture capital analyst
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On Fri., Sept. 20, YEI participated in the worldwide event known as PARK(ing) Day. We took over a parking spot on College Street in New Haven, laid down a grass mat, set up some Chairigami furniture, arranged a selection of Nat Snax (the delicious Greek yogurt-based dips from YEI fellow Stephen Kincheloe), and propped up a big whiteboard so that students and others wandering by could jot down their problems - and solutions. With tunes, snacks, candy, and a lot of sunshine, it turned out to be a great day. It was also one of the first unveilings of the Entrepreneurship at Yale! student handbook. Check out scenes from the day below. The full set can be found at the YEI Facebook page - thanks to YEI intern Cynthia Hua for the great shots!

yei parking day

yei parking day

yei parking day

yei parking day

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entrepreneurship yale handbook

Check out the new "Entrepreneurship at Yale!" handbook, or pick up a copy at the YEI office at 55 Whitney Ave. What's inside? A great primer on how to get involved with entrepreneurship at Yale, from where to start, to campus offices and clubs, to funding opportunities and Yale college courses.

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By Brita Belli

dawn lippertDawn Lippert (FES ’07) has spent the past several years in Hawaii working on building a sustainable energy future. Hawaii ranks first in the nation in electricity costs and the state is trying to find a way to successfully manage an electricity grid that draws energy from a variety of solar and wind installations. Last year, Lippert cofounded Energy Excelerator, a program for encouraging innovation in the energy sector, using Hawaii as a critical test market for clean energy startups. Between the high electricity costs, interest in clean energy from Hawaii-based military installations and Asian corporations, and a vibrant startup infrastructure, Lippert says Hawaii offers “ideal economic conditions for startups.” 

The accelerator offers two different funding opportunities for companies: up to $1 million in non-dilutive funding for growth-stage energy startups (which needs to be matched by customers or investors) and up to $100,000 for seed-stage energy startups. Applications for either are due September 27, with full details available on their website. 

Energy Excelerator receives funding from the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Office of Naval Research and others. In addition to providing non-dilutive funding for startups to test their technology in Hawaii, Lippert says they “facilitate relationships with key people – which is a huge value add.” 

Seventeen companies funded by Energy Excelerator have raised over $40 million in follow-up funding, including startups in solar, biofuels, monitoring devices, renewable natural gas and desalination. “Hawaii is an important market to demonstrate it works,” Lippert says, but if a company later moves, she adds: “We’ll support them wherever they need to be.” About half of Energy Excelerator’s funded companies are in Hawaii, and the other half on the mainland.

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Thanks to all who came out for the YEI Kickoff last night! The event was a huge success - with students, YEI alumni, mentors and other supporters packing in to the YEI Incubator on 55 Whitney to learn about YEI's programs, success stories and exciting news like the new YEI Innovation Fund (offering up to $100,000 to student startups). Guests had opportunities to meet, mingle, pick up a copy of the new "Entrepreneurship at Yale!" handbook, and enjoy some wings. 

Check out scenes from the event!

jim boyle

YEI Managing Director Jim Boyle addresses the packed house.

simran at kickoffSimran Dua describes the new VC Advisors program.

handbook at kickoffShowing off the new Entrepreneurship at Yale! handbook.

enjoying kickoffEnjoying the Kickoff.

interested students at yei kickoffInterested students learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship at Yale.

**Thanks to our new YEI intern Cynthia Hua for the fantastic photos! Check out many more on the YEI Facebook page!

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