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max uhlenhuth

Name: Max Uhlenhuth

Startup: SilviaTerra

Industry: Forest Management

Summer Fellowship Year: 2010

Max Uhlenhuth (YC '12) was one of the founders of SilviaTerra, which created technology to collect forestry data from satellites, cutting out the need for traditional on-the-ground methods that were highly time consuming, inefficient and expensive. The patent-pending program is able to analyze millions of acres of forest inventory at unprecedented speeds.


  • Max started the company in 2009 as an undergraduate at Yale with Zack Parisa (FES '11) and Chad Oliver, Yale forestry professor and director of Yale's Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry.
  • He was the former president of Yale Entrepreneurial Society and a web startup founder.
  • SilviaTerra won the $25,000 Sabin Envirosummer nmental Venture Prize in 2010.
  • By 2012, SilviaTerra had earned revenue upwards of $200,000 from five different timber company clients.
  • The startup was a finalist in the $25,000 Lippman Prize in 2012.
  • SilviaTerra won a $5,000 Best Technology Business Plan prize from Connecticut Innovations in 2010.
  • In 2012, Forbes named Max one of America‚Äôs top college entrepreneurs.

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