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michael inwald

Name: Michael Inwald

Startup: Cheeseboy

Industry: Food service / franchise

Summer Fellowship Year: 2009

Michael Inwald (SOM '10) opened his first Cheeseboy: Grilled Cheese to Go joint — offering grilled-cheese takeout — in Milford, Connecticut, in 2009. Cheeseboy was selected for the YEI Summer Fellowship in 2009, while Inwald was an SOM student.


  • Started by using $20,000 of his own funds to operate grilled cheese stands at county fairs around Connecticut.
  • Named “Generation Next Entrepreneur to Watch” by CNNMoney.
  • Has sold more than $5 million in grilled cheese sandwiches to date.
  • Named by Nation’s Restaurant News in 2013 as a top 50 “Breakout Brand.”
  • Currently has 11 locations across New England, employing over 130 people.
  • Has given away over 40,000 sandwiches through a charity project with Paul Newman’s Serious Fun Network.
  • Sold its 1 millionth sandwich in July 2013.

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