2012 Summer Fellows

Max Webster (YC '12), Sherwin Yu (YC '12)
Bringing the power of crowdfunding to energy efficiency by empowering local communities to collectively finance retrofits of local buildings.

Amos Kim (LAW '12), John Cadengo, Andrew Park
An app that uses geolocation and a recommendation engine to help consumers pick a place to eat in real time.

Mental Canvas
Paul Christensen (SOM '13), Patrick Paczkwoski (GSAS '13), Smita Venkat (SOM '13)
Mental Canvas enables designers to explore unfinished ideas built from sketches and photographs arranged in a coherent, lightweight 3D environment.

Panorama Education
Aaron Feuer (YC' 13), Alexander Tanner (YC '13), David Carel (YC '13), John Gerlach (YC '14)
A platform for K-12 schools and districts to easily collect student feedback and offer teachers clear reports with actionable insights.

Daniel Wolchonok (SOM '13)
An online service that does your meeting prepwork for you by creating “smart” interpersonal data – a way to analyze and discover what one user has in common with another.

Project: Optix
Vela-Susan Park (YC '13), Derrick Gomez
A dynamic daily deals website for discounted movie tickets.

RADx Cloud
Aaron Abajian (MED '15), Ann Nguyen
By bringing the power of high performance computing to radiology, this patient-friendly technology completely eliminates the need for a laxative during a virtual colonoscopy.

Red Ox Technologies
Claire Henly (YC '12), David Kohn (YC '11)
An Electrochemical Desalination Cell, a Yale University technology that desalinates water while producing electricity and synthesizing valuable inorganic salts.

Hilary Barr (YC' 12) and Tiffany Pang (YC '12)
A social online platform for affordable therapy augmentation for children with autism.

Neil St. Clair (GSAS '13)
A secondary marketplace for the reselling of services, such as hotel and restaurant reservations and daily deal coupons.

Colin Mills (YC '13)
A life-affirming, dynamic social network for individuals to personalize and customize their own memorial celebration and share their intentions and stories with others.

Brian Marrs (FES '12), Jake Seligman (PACE/FES '12), Joseph Edgar (PACE/FES '12), Matthew Cooperrider (FES '12)
An internet platform for homeowners where they can choose new energy efficient appliances, thermostats, windows, and more that are financed entirely through net present value positive energy savings over time.