YEI Demo Day Highlights Social Entrepreneurs

YEI is entering its 10th year, and marking the occasion with a shift in focus to increased social ventures.

Ancera Raises $8.9M to Combat Food Contamination

Ancera, a faculty-student startup that participated in a 2011 YEI Fellowship, has raised $8.9M in Series A funding.

Advice on Feedback to Women Innovators

SOM Lecturer Sarah Biggerstaff shared her strategies.

Coming Up

Wed, August 3, 2016

John Puziss, Director of Licensing at the Yale Office of Cooperative Research, will meet with Yale researchers in half hour slots to discuss questions related to advancing their technology, patents

Tue, August 30, 2016

The Yale Entrepreneurship Bazaar, hosted by the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute, brings together Yale’s many entrepreneurial organizations and clubs under one big tent!

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Ancera builds technological solutions that deliver meaning, not just data. They’re helping food producers assess microbial risk from farm to consumer by integrating the latest in single cell transport and characterization with predictive data systems.